Lamborghini Aventador Exhaust Spitting Fire! EARGASM!

Yes, we know that Spitfire is a famous British brand of airplanes with a long history and that Lamborghini is an Italian state of the art product, but in this case, for a proper description of this video this two emblems should be put together at one place and the right picture will appear – Lamborghini Aventador Exhaust Spitfire!

Regardless of how much one likes the American muscle cars and its finest specimens, only a fool will look away or pretend that there is nothing happening when you have a Lamborghini Aventador near by. Everyone else, including the ones that have nothing in common with sports and race cars will go and have a look.

This last sentence is some how a perfect description on what is going on in the video you will see bellow. The only thing is that this time it is not only a show off of the magnificent features and shape of the beautiful Lamborghini, but we all get a bonus, watching this outerspace car spitting a little fire from the exhaust, everything shoot from close distance and from different angles. A pure enjoyment for every gear head, take a look at this impressive fireballs produced by a Lamborghini Aventador exhaust!

Anyway, check out the best exhaust ever!

Enjoy the video below!

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