DODGE DART CONVERTIBLE by Dominator Street Rods at SEMA Show!

I firmly believe that there will be many among you who will concur with me when I say that when a true Detroit muscle car fan runs upon some very sharp and clean vintage specimen, he is usually left speechless. There is simply not much that comes to one`s mind when he is facing such a fine example of a classic American muscle car, perfectly restored and a little bit customized, to fit the challenges of the new age perfectly. That would be the Dodge Dart Convertible.

And that is pretty much how we can describe this great Dodge Dart example, that you are going to see in the following video clip, which our team has filmed at this year`s SEMA Show.

Actually, this is not just a regular Dodge Dart Convertible but a convertible version, made by the Dominator Street Rod guys, who had done a perfect job, preserving all of the basic lines of the car`s body, so that it`ll be clear that this is a vintage Detroit muscle. It has a highly appealing black paint job, with the red stripe on the back, as well as on the matte black rims, and in some places in the interior. Amongst the customized features that are visible from a first look at it, there are the two exhaust pipes, the bigger radiator under the hood, as well as the modified and tuned V8 engine.

But you better have a look at the video and see this beauty yourself. Later on, you can share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below! And if you want to see some other great builds by the Dominator Street Rod, go to this link.