Well, it may not be actually red in the classic sense, but it is definitely hot as hell and extremely awesome and appealing. A classic Detroit muscle, which can definitely bring water to the mouth to every fan of the vintage Mopar models. As you have already read it and know, I`m talking about a Pro-Touring specimen of a 1973 Dodge Challenger that was shot during the last year`s Detroit Autorama car show. And once again, we have to thank to our good YouTube friend ScottieDTV, for having the pleasure of seeing this awesome example of a classic Dodge Challenger!

Unfortunately, one of the weaknesses of Scottie`s videos is the lack of engine specs and raw numbers about the car`s horse and torque power, and most of the other things which many of us would like to know. However, thanks to some of the close up shots in the video, we hope that we got it right, and if that is the case (but do not hold us 100% on that), then this awesome Pro-Touring 1973 Dodge Challenger is powered by a 512 cubic inch V8 motor that can deliver 675 HP, and it is mated to the Mopar`s Torqueflight Automatic A-727 transmission.

But, you better check out the video below and see this highly appealing Dodge Challenger yourself and find out what a great car it is! And if you want to read an interesting article about the 1973 Dodge Challenger, go to this link.