65 Dodge Dart “Dart SL”, Winner Of The Detroit Autorama 2015!

Here we go with another utterly attractive muscle beauty that was showcased at this year`s Detroit Autorama. So far, we had shown you some really awesome, both classic and contemporary Detroit muscles, and this following green masterpiece, the 1965 Dodge Dart, nicknamed “Dart SL” Street Touring car, product of Oak Garage, will be another pearl in the string of muscle examples with irresistible allure and timeless beauty.

As you will see and hear in the video below, almost every component of this vintage muscle is custom made, every panel was completely reworked, the roof is lower than the standard model, leaning toward the windshield, and of course there is the car`s body, which is also completely reworked. The total number of modified, finely crafted custom parts of the body is 110, along with 42 one-off machined components, and many, many handmade sheet metal parts. But on the other hand, the body lines were preserved and kept in its original form and shape, so that it would be clear, without the slightest confusion that this is a 65 Dodge Dart.

Under the hood of this awesome Dart SL, there is a second generation of the 392 Supercharged Hemi engine, mounted in a perfectly clean compartment, with all the plumbing and wires well hidden. The radiator was also built and constructed under a special kind of ribbon. And when it comes to the interior of the car, a product of M&M Hot Rod Interiors, we will only say that there are so many carefully made details, for which you will find out more watching the video.

So, watch the following 14 minute video clip, and find out the full story about this awesome 1965 Dodge Street Touring car, and see why it was rewarded at the this year`s Detroit Autorama yourself. And if you want to see the other seven beauties from the “Pirelli Great 8”, click here.