1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 “STAMPEDE” At 2015 Detroit Autorama!

At this year`s Detroit Autorama we have already had the chance to see some truly amazing and absolutely stunning vintage Detroit muscles, but the specimen that we are going to show you in the following video is something which is probably at a whole new aesthetic level from all of the previous ones that we have had the pleasure of seeing. And that is why I feel that it would be only fair for me to say that even though I`m an uncompromising Dodge Challenger and Charger fan, this 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 called “Stampede” is something that literally knocked me out from my feed the very first moment I laid my eyes on it!

This jaw-dropping example of Ford Mustang is a work of the artists from GAP Racing from Texas, specially built for the 2015 Detroit Autorama, where it won a Great Eight, and the feeling that this is only the first of the many awards that will undoubtedly follow, is more than justified.

This 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is modified and changed to the maximum! It has a wide front end (an inch and a half from each side), with a carbon fiber on the front fender and the bumper, modified front grill from a Camaro, LED lights that are designed for Harley Davidson bike, 1213 steel Chevy hood, and many, many other components that were specially modified and designed to the fit the vision of its designers. So I guess it won`t be wrong if I say that there is not much of Ford left in it.

Under the hood there is a Jon Kaase headed 572 cubic inch V8 motor, and that awesome hue is called Superglue, originally designed by Paint House.

I really think that I have told you all the basics about this custom made `69 Ford Mustang, one of the most beautiful muscles that I have ever seen in my life. So all you got to do is watch the video below and see this stunning and jaw-dropping car yourself. And if you want to see some amazing vintage Corvettes that were displayed at the 2015 Detroit Autorama, click here.