Insanely Powerful Pro Street DODGE DART Sets The Strip On FIRE!

You know well that from time to time, we come across some totally insane looking and very powerful and fast drag monster for which we do not know very much, but we simply got to show it to you anyway. Today we will present you with one highly modified model of a pro street Dodge Dart, which appears to be a 1967 model, but I cannot be a hundred percent sure about that. The video does not have much of info about it, but taking into an account that none of us gets to see a drag monster that goes under 9 seconds very often, here we go with this one.

The video was made less than two years ago, at the Interlake Dragway, where this silver monster has made some incredible Quarter-Mile passes and of course, won the races. Besides the walk around it, you will get to see this pro street Dodge Dart in two races, and in the second one, the result is impressive 8.95 seconds, which definitely is not something that we get to see every other day. Dodge Dart is most definitely one fine car, but to bad that we do not have the specs about this monster model, so we will not get into any speculations about it.

Just watch the video, check it out and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below. And if you want to see another powerful model of Dodge Dart, 1969 model (for sure), go to this link.