Unbelievable Drag Race! 6.66 Vs 6.66 Seconds! Is This The DEVIL?

After this drag race, the meaning of the expression “fast as hell” is getting at a completely new level of meaning! Can you actually believe that two Ford Mustangs that are drag racing on a strip are achieving the exact same time of 6.66 seconds? You better believe this Unbelievable Drag Race!

So prepare yourself to watch one of the most unbelievable and memorable drag races I have ever seen. Brad Brand versus Tim Lynch, both of them in a big black 10.5 Twin Turbo Ford Mustangs, making the history at the World Street Nationals at Orlando Speed World Dragway.

When was the last time you actually remember seeing two race cars at the drag strip achieving the exact same time?

And not just that it is the same, but the numbers of 6.66 seconds at 222 mph versus 6.66 at 222 mph are saying it all!

The word about the two big black Mustangs must be spreading fast in hell!

There, yet another amazing drag race!

Enjoy the video below!

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