3100HP “Smokin’ Gun” Huge Diesel Truck Takes The Drag Strip!

What we have on the video bellow is a real huge diesel truck fleet with an appropriate nickname, where this one called Smokin` Gun – is preparing itself for a drag strip to make a quarter mile distance…

Anytime one see a bug machine like this one, demonstrating its power and speed, is an impressive event that seriously puts up the adrenalin rush on a higher level that make the whole experience of watching it, really special. The star of the video is this huge truck with a complex machine that powers it -- Supercharged twin turbo and InterCharged Detroit Diesel 8V 92 1968 Kenworth.

And on top of it all, as an addition for extra horsepower (1,200 HP to be exact), there is a Nitrous Oxide system to give it an extra kick off, making a total of 3,100 horsepower and 9 500 pounds feet of torque.

The result that Smokin` Gin makes on the quarter mile distance at the drag strip is 12.91 seconds and the achieved speed is 103.35 miles per hour. It may not be the very best we have seen from this type of machines tested at a drag strip, but still, we all have to admit that these numbers all also pretty impressive, right!?

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Enjoy the video below!

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