This is Why Drifting is Not for Idiots! 3 Ford Mustangs Fail At Drifting!

A desire to make a good drift is planted in each and every one of us who is In to fast sports and muscle cars, but it does not mean that any one who gets an opportunity to do it, should grab every chance that comes by. The video is a perfect example of why you should not try to drift if you are not a hundred percent sure of your self and your skills, especially on the city streets, full with other cars and pedestrians. What you are about to see is a complete fail of drifting, or to be more precise, a total fail in trying to do some drifts, by three different guys, all in 3 Ford Mustangs, right after getting out from an intersection.

One by one, these guys are making complete fools out of themselves with their stunning 3 Ford Mustangs as they appear on the road and try to make a drift stunt. But even more important is the damage they are doing with this act, less to them selves and more to the others.

I do not know whether it was some kind of `Stang fans gathering from which they were coming from or not, but the thing is that luckily, we do not see this kind of thing very often.

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