Watch This Ford Mustang Turbo Got AIRBORNE! Must See!

Watch this Ford Mustang Turbo nearly taking off into the air while having a drag race on the Huntsville Dragway!

We have said before that in drag races, power is absolutely important and essential for winning a race like this, but sometimes too much of it can also be a cause for some serious problems, especially if there is a lack of control.

In the case of this guy, this claim is proving to be a hundred percent right. Fortunately he did not take off in the air and got smashed (like some others do), but sure as hell did not win the race. Therefore, good front spoilers should always be taken to an account when you are tuning your car on a high level in order to prevent accidents like this one (and much worse of course).

Likely for this guy, he did not hit the gas paddle way to strong when it got down to the ground, otherwise, things might have ended up really bad.

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Enjoy the video below!

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