So You Think You’ve Seen It All? Check This 1968 Nitro Chevrolet Camaro Get Airborne!

Rarely do we stumble upon a video so ridiculous, it leaves us gazing in awe. Such is the case with the footage we have for you today! Check this nitro burning `68 Camaro  that got airborne at the 2013 NHRA New England Hot Rod reunion! This is definitely not the way we thought this race is going to end! We have seen some videos where one of the competitors in a drag race doesn`t finish, but both of them? This is exactly what happened at the NHRA New England Hot Rod reunion! Possibly the most amazing event of this reunion was the drag race between by the 1968 nitro Chevrolet Camaro US-1 and the Fnatic Ford! In what was expected to be a great race, turned out to be a SHOW!

Watch the engine start up of the Nitro-Burning ’68 Camaro on the NEXT PAGE (PAGE 2)

Enjoy the video below!

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