Best Moments from Gatebil Rudskogen Norway Drift Event!

In the recent years, Gatebil Rudskogen Norway drift event had become one of the most important events in the world of racing & drifting, being visited by over 50 000 people each year.

Some folks are describing it as “The Event of Events” and people are coming all the way from the United States, Australia, Russia, Japan, Great Britain and many other countries to see some of the best car racers and drifters from all over the world and of course, to have a good time and party at a highest level.

Rudskogen is considered to be one of the best tracks in Northern Europe, two miles long, offering a great experience both to race cars and the regular road cars. Therefore, organizers are deviding the competition itself on several groups like: street cars, sports cars and hyper cars, drifting and the Gatebil Extreme Racing.

This year`s event happened from July 11th till 13th and it was completely covered by MovieBird, taking out their best people and equipment who have covered the entire event in full details. The Norway drift video you are about to see is a compilation of some of the best moments from this year`s competition. Enjoy and get inspired to get there next year.

Anyway, check out something from the neighboring Sweden!

Enjoy the video below!

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