Drifting and Racing With NO Rear Wheel In Nissan Skyline!

Drift battles are so interesting because almost every time there is something interesting and not expected happening and the video you are about to see in this post is exactly from that category! What we have here is a raw drift battle between Nico Reid from New Zealand, also known as a “Young Maori Boy”, a great hope of New Zealand`s new wave of young and upcoming car racers and drifters with his tuned up Nissan Silvia S 15 and Chris Jackson, another young New Zealand drifter in his Nissan Skyline. The event is taking place at Top 16 competition at D1 NZ Round 6 and in the heat of the strong battle, Nico is experiencing a `minor` accident, hitting in one of the protection walls which caused him to loose the rear bumper first and only a moments after, one rear wheel also blew away.

But the persistent young enthusiast is not giving up, but continues with the raw struggle that by the end of the video is looking really harsh and for a moment there it looks like it is game over for Nico, but he still goes on.

There can be only thumbs up for a no rear wheel move like this that is really inspiring and motivating. Way to go man!

Anyway, this VW floating car does not even need wheels!

Enjoy the video below!

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