Clash of the Titans: GTR R34 Nissan Skyline Vs BMW Z4!

What we have here is great video from a high profile production that in about five minutes is bringing us to an interesting question that inevitably pops up in the head of every sports cars fan in the world: Which cars are better and even best, Japanese, European or American? In the following video, its author is focusing on European and Japanese cars, through the `clash` of two titanic brands – Nissan Skyline vs BMW.

It is not an easy subject, you have got to admit, mostly because no matter how objective you are trying to be, it is an indisputable fact that everybody has their favorites due to their personal fondness, taste and experience.

Both of this models are some of the very best there are out there in the world of fast sports cars. German BMW Z4 is a perfect representative of the long European tradition of making great, mid sized sports cars with state of the art technical abilities and engineering. On the other hand we have the Japanese Nissan Skyline GTR R34, with decades now one of the most desirable car for every need for speed fan and also great example of Japanese car engineering and tuning techniques.

We will remain neutral and would not give comment of what we think is better, but leave you to make that choice on your own (if you do not already have it, which I doubt). However the things are, watch the Nissan Skyline vs BMW video, I`m sure you are going to like it!

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