Drift Battle: BMW E30 Vs Nissan Skyline GTR Skyline R 34!

Once again we have an epic Drift Battle in which the East clashes the West and the two of top of the line technologies are put in a contest to show just how good they are and of course, which one is better !?

But of course we can not exclude the human factor in the whole thing, because as we all know too good, no matter how good the vehicle is, a great role in a race or drift contest has the person behind the wheel. This time we have the British Drifters Fraser Stark and his BMW E30 and Craig Hamilton in the legendary Nissan Skyline R 34 battling each other at Driftland, in Scotland.

Probably the first thing that you will notice is that Fraser, or more precisely his BMW is lacking the hood and so far we do not have an explanation of why is it that way, we can only see that he is driving as nothing out of the ordinary is happening, while the Skyline is appearing like having no problems and difficulties.

The battle is intense and very exciting and we are not going to reveal who takes the win and the story is ending, but will leave you to find it for yourselves.

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Enjoy the video below!

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