DRIFT, BURN, IDLE & ANTILAG With This Beastly BMW E30 Turbo!

Check out this action: DRIFT, BURN, IDLE & ANTILAG With BMW E30 Turbo! EARGASM Included [HD] This BMW is one awesome DRIFT MACHINE!

Hello there, want to see what we call -- REAL DRIFTING!!! This video here will definitely leave you jaw dropped and let`s not even start about the SOUND that will make your ears MELT! Of course, in order to do the PERFECT DRIFT you need a solid RIDE! However, we have it here -- a BMW E30 owned by OMAR AL-KUKHUN from the HAMADA DRIFT TEAM! Anyway, the driver in this video is OTHMAN AL-TIKREETI!!! The car has great specifications such as an M50B25 engine, T70 Turbo, 1000cc Injectors etc.! Check out this video and be amazed by the skills and the sound!!!

Thanks for creating this video & posting this awesomeness! Finally, check the designers who made it all possible for BMW!

Enjoy the video below!

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