1200HP BMW E30 Turbo Kit Massive Smokey Burnout & Donuts!

Check out this amazing 1200HP Bmw E30 Turbo Kit along with Massive Smokey Burnout & Donuts! I think he must have disconnected the rear brakes, because them would have been a toast too… A little rubber burning has never hurt anyone…

All you need in order to have some fun is a parking lot, driving skills and a BEAST of a ride! Which is given as an example right here in this video that you are about to watch! We have something very interesting -- an amazing BLACK BMW E30 is doing some AMAZING BURNOUTS and DONUTS as a crowd screams and chants!!! This MONSTER has something really POWERFUL underneath the hood -- a 1200 Horsepower engine! This skillful driver really gave us some quality time as we all enjoyed watching these stunts! Anyway, here is the video, maybe you should see it for yourself! This thing sounds incredible! DEMONIC Scream!

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Enjoy the video below!

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