Real Adrenaline Rush Inside Chris Forsberg’s 1000 HP Nissan VK56!

I guess all of us (the ultimate Gearheads) are getting turned on watching some of the drifting maestros doing their thing, shredding tires and creating clouds of smoke with their awesome drifting monsters. That is why we utterly enjoy watching cool video clips with some of the best in the game, drifting and doing all kinds of incredible stunts. And that`s also the reason why we are continuously searching on the internet for some great drift-driving videos, so that we can all enjoy the pleasure of our favorite thing. Today we have prepared one really awesome video, a real adrenaline rush shot that will get you going for quite some time. And the best thing about it is that it is filmed with a GoPro camera, inside of Chris Forsberg`s Nissan Vk56, during his spectacular performance at the Red Bull Drift Shifters competition in New Zealand.

When it comes to Chris Forsberg, this drift maestro is considered to be a real `Ironman` and one of the most consisted drivers in the Formula DRIFT competition, being present at every round of it, for more than 10 years now, ever since 2004. The previous, his inaugural year, he finished it with two out of four podiums, and as a 2nd in the whole championship. His absolute best year was 2009, when he became Formula DRIFT Champion and earned the title of Triple Crown Champion. If you did not these things about him, now you do, and you are aware about his drifting skills. So the only thing left to do is to watch this great video and see how this drifting maestro is shredding tires with his great 1000 HP Nissan VK56.

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