Meet With YETI! A BMW E30 DRIFT CAR That Will Blow You Away!

We all know well that when it comes to drift cars, we do not get to see many Bimmers, here in the US. But way across the Atlantic, they are amongst the most popular cars when it comes to drifting. Those of you who are following us regularly, probably know that very well by now, as we had shown you numerous clips with totally jaw-dropping and very powerful BMW drift-monsters. And today we are going to introduce you with another one such example called Yeti, BMW E30 DRIFT CAR, that comes from Germany!

We really do not know why they have named this awesome BMW E30 Drift Car, Yeti (or the Big Foot, as we call it here), but the fact of the matter is that this really is one of the best looking BMW drift-cars that we have seen lately. Unfortunately, we do not have reliable information about it, so we are not going to get into any speculations, but will leave you to enjoy the beauty of this great video clip, that is showing us the Yeti Bimmer in drifting action, somewhere in the countryside in Germany.

So check out the video and just enjoy the show guys! And if you want to see another great BMW drift car, go to this link.