Amazing Drifting Performance & Burnouts with a BMW M3 E46!

What we have here, in our today`s pick for drifting video is a very cool BMW M3 E46 in action, doing a little bit of drift-driving and wheel spinning performance in front of the camera, and somewhere along the way, it is joined by a great looking Nissan 350Z. So if you are In for something like this, than you will probably like what these guys have to offer.

To tell you the truth, first thing that caught my attention was the great paint job of the BMW M3 E46 – a really great color choice if you ask me. And as far as its driver`s drifting skills, I would not go so far to say that it is lame (far from it), but it is clear that the guy still has a lot more to learn when it comes to drifting. After you will watch the video, some of you may say that he is not even drifting at all, but just wheel spinning, but I do not find that to be exactly the truth.

As I said, the guy has a lot more to learn, but we all got to admit that he has got a very good car control. And for the driver of that great looking Nissan 350Z, he should probably just stay out of the way for while, at least until he improves his drifting skills (or better said, gain some). Watch the video and tell me what you think about it.

Enjoy the video below!

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