Mercedes E55 AMG Pulling Trailer HUMILIATES Nissan 350Z!

Check out this video, where this beast Mercedes E55 AMG With Pulling Trailer HUMILIATES Modified Nissan 350Z On Street RACE!

Losing in a race in which you have an advantage is really humiliating! It is like playing basketball 1 on 1, and the opponents gives you extra 10 points, and you still lose! Well this is a pretty similar example here, given in the video! There was supposed to be a race. The opponents are on their marks, there is just one thing that confuses us! The E55 AMG, that is one of the racers, has a LOADED TRAILER attached to its rear end, while the other contester, a modified 350Z has nothing to carry! Anyway, the AMG showed great power!

Cool street race and all, but very dangerous…
However, what do you consider fast? Join this discussion! 

Enjoy the video below!

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