The Next Street Drift Master & his BMW M3 from Turkey!

Not so long ago we have had a street drift video compilation with the best known Turkish drifter Harun Taştan, drifting his BMW M5 on the streets of Istanbul. And now, here we go again with another great drifter coming from Turkey, but a complete anonimus, who made a short but very effective video, drifting and making some donuts on a tiny, curvy and very poor looking street in some unknown Turkish city.

Even though there are no info about the car (except the obvious ones of course), we will only tell you that it is a very good looking BMW E46 M3 in yellow, and his owner is having a great time with it, marking his territory and leaving hard core skid marks, just to make it clear that he and his car are nothing to mess with.

Thus, watch the following video that we have prepared for you, it is one of those treats coming from other side of the planet in which every real drift fan would (and will) enjoy. It simply gives me a lot of joy watching folks from all around the world showing off their drifting potential.

Unfortunately, yo have to be careful, cause such things happen as well!

Enjoy the video below!

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