BEST Drift Sound and Smokes! GTR Skyline R33, BMW M5 & More!

As I have said it once before, drifting is becoming more and more popular over there in Europe, thus, we have many more great videos from different competitions in many different European countries. And this one that we are going to see today is coming from an event that happened about two weeks ago in the second biggest city in Holland, Rotterdam. And being a tenth anniversary edition, there were many spectacles and all kinds of shows that were organized apart from the main events, like hosting with some of the greatest names in the motorsport. The biggest star of this year`s Rotterdam City Racing was the former Formula 1 champion, the Finish driving legend, Kimi Raikonen in his Ferrari. But taken to an account that with all the respect, Formula 1 is not our biggest passion, we have prepared you a drift sound video that is much more suitable for us.

We have 20 minutes of pure joy and adrenalin rush as some of the best cars and drifters on this show are showing us their great drift-driving skills, little burnouts and amazing drift sound! You will see a whole `parade` of Nissan GTRs, BMW E30s, M5s and many more in the following video!

So, you want some cool revving sounds? Check this out!

Enjoy the video below!

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