Watch the Amazing Drift Skill of the Best Lebanese Drifter!

I know that car racing and Drift Skill is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Lebanon, but after watching this video, I think that you will gain another perspective about this middle east country…

There was a period of real drifting madness in Lebanon for about five years and last year, time had come when the country needed to prove, both of itself and the rest of the world, that it really is the birth place of some of the most fascinating events of this kind in the entire Middle East region. And what better opportunity is there that than the Red Bull Car Park Drift event?

And we can say by all means that Lebanese did a fantastic job! Fifteen of the best Drift Skill drifters in Lebanon had been picked to take a roll in this drifting event that was held in a parking lot, near the Fouad Chehab Stadium in the town of Jounieh. Out of those fifteen competitors only two, Bassam Zahalan and Jad Himo had made it to the regional final in Dubai.

Watch the video and see how the Lebanese drifters are handling their BMWs, Nissan Skylines and other four wheel monsters.

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Enjoy the video below!

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