Flame Throwing Jet Truck Drag Race At The Lebanon Valley NY!

Check out this flame trowing Jet Truck DRAG Race At The Lebanon Valley NY! This truck is so brutal and it sounds like a rocket!

There is a light show at Lebanon Valley in New York!!! And if life has thought us anything it`s that those JET POWERED TRUCK are THE THING!!! Thus, the crowd at Lebanon Valley had the chance to enjoy this trucks the spit fire through the exhaust pipes and look like rockets with their MASSIVE HORSEPOWER!!! The Jet Truck Race includes everyone with the wish to challenge someone in the 1/4 mile race! So, as the whole place is covered in smoke, there is just enough visible space for the trucks! You can enjoy this race and give us your opinion on jet trucks!

See the incredible launch at the 2:53! Finally, here are the world’s fastest jet trucks!

Enjoy the video below!

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