WOW! The World’s Fastest Jet Powered TRUCK Has 3 Jet Engines! 1/4 Mile in 6.5 seconds! 400mph TOP SPEED!

Many vehicles are made for a different purpose. The differences between them can be massive! This is why you have cars built just to be as fast as possible. On the other hand, you have trucks that are made to haul as much weight as possible. One man however wanted his truck to be as fast as a supercar, or even faster if possible! The result of this thought was the creation of the Shockwave, a jet powered truck! Check this incredible truck, powered by 3 jet engines. Believe it or not, it can hit the speed of nearly 400mph. We are sure that you won`t get stuck behind this truck. This is Shockwave!!!  The world`s fastest Jet Powered truck. Neal Darnell is the driver and owner of this monstrosity, and in the video he explains what his creation is capable of doing.

The 3-tons 1957 Chevy with 36,000 HP, can cover a 1/4 mile in just 6,5 seconds. This was captured on a show near Ontario, Canada. As Neal Darnell puts it, driving this beast is an awesome experience that everyone should do! The acceleration starts at about 4Gs (the G stands for gravitational force) and goes up to 6Gs. This is the maximum G-force that the Shockwave can develop. In order to stop this ridiculously fast jet powered truck, parachutes must be deployed from the back. After the parachutes are out, the G-force goes to 9G negative! This immense difference between the G-force happens in just over one second! That is a tremendous change of pressure, and it shows just how powerful and fast the Shockwave truck is! We could go on writing about this astonishing truck, but we think it would be better to see the fastest jet powered truck with your own eyes!

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