Here we go with something that won`t leave any drag race aficionado to remain indifferent, and which will definitely give a hard hit of adrenaline rush to all of the Chevy Camaro fans out there. Because after all, even though here are numerous powerful and fast cars out there, we do not get to see a 7-second Twin Turbo Camaro ZL1 machine in action every day…

But today, only for your pleasure, we have prepared a video with one fast as hell supercharged Camaro ZL1, with a 540 cubic inch Big Block Chevrolet under the hood, which is additionally boosted by double 88mm turbos. Its owner by a guy named Larry, who obviously did not want to waste any money on the car`s cosmetics, so he kept it in its stock form and shape, but he has surely transformed the car`s power plant into a real beast!

Now, thanks to the 1320Video, we can all see this insanely powerful Twin Turbo Camaro ZL1 beast in drag strip action, as it is achieving incredibly fast Quarter-Mile passes, with Tom McGilton behind the wheel, in a way that appears to be so easy!

So without further adieu and any unnecessary chit chats about it, check out the following video clip and have a look at this beast in action! And if you are interested to see another insanely fast Camaro in strip action, click here.