White CUMMINS CHARGER Rolling Coal and Hauling A Boat!

Summer preparations are underway and we are counting the days till the official start most people`s favorite season! These preparations are different, everyone has own stuff that need to be done so the summer can enter with a flourish. Students are taking exams, although we all know how hard it is to study in this period, while the others are using their spare time to make sure that this summer is going to be awesome! They are checking the summer houses, and all the necessary gear such as paddle boards, fishing rods, etc. and probably the most important item (for those who own one) – a BOAT! However, a white Cummins Charger comes in really handy!

Everything must be previously in place and ready for us when we are going to arrive at our summer destination. This video you are about to see shows how one person is taking all of the aforesaid seriously and wants to be ready for the forthcoming period. In other words, you are going to see a white Cummins Charger hauling a boat and all that is nicely caught on tape. But the most important thing is the sound this vehicle produces when passes by the camera car as well as the huge black cloud that came out from the exhaust!

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