$33 MILLION DARTH VADER’s BOAT Shows Up At San Francisco Bay!

When it comes to living the American dream, can you imagine it without a superyacht? What good of making it in life if you do not have a stealth vessel parked at the harbor? Nothing. Which is why we present to you this amazing superyacht that has caught so many eyes!


If something goes on television then it is definitely worth the attention given. Like this arcane superyacht that recently appeared at the San Francisco bay. Therefore a TV crew went to discover some more details about this boat and we are presenting you that video. Also we are going to try to give you additional information. It is a word of the superyacht called Galeocerdo. This stealth looking, military-like pleasure boat is built by WallyPower after thorough research and development in exclusive facilities such as the Ferrari Wind Tunnel. Hence they got a product that totally differs from the other yachts both for the implemented technology and design as well.

The mechanism that powers this vessel includes three Detroit Diesel gas turbines that combined together deliver a staggering number of 16800 horsepower and a top speed of 60 knots. According to the manufacturer, with this machine it is the fastest yacht on Earth. Moreover, there are two supplementary Cummins diesel motors, each capable of giving 370 horsepower! The exhaust system is made of lightweight titanium that allows cooling the gas turbines with sea water.

If you are not impressed by this superyacht… it`s you! People call it the Darth Vader boat due to its appearance. Imagining it flowing down the ocean with the Star Wars theme song in the background is amazing! Meet the Dart Vader superyacht and be impressed! Don`t you just love it?

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