Summer is almost here Gearheads! We are getting ready for some fun, are you? In fact, here is a video of a group of young people entertaining themselves in the water. They are taking the excitement to a whole new level. You will definitely want to try this! It is obvious that these guys have put some effort in creating this video, it is very professional. For that purpose, professional gadgets are used as well provided by manufacturers specialized for awesome water fun inventions! We present to you the JETOVATOR and the SEABREACHER the robotic dolphin! These amazing units will make your day at the beach unforgettable and tempt you to ride them again! The fun never stops with these units!

Additionally, in order to operate the JETOVATOR you need to have a personal watercraft with minimum 130 HP because it does not have own power source. All you need is a brisk training and you are good to go. However, you have to be careful as a rookie and use both lifejacket and a helmet. When it comes to the SEABREACHER the robotic dolphin there are three styles: Shark, Killer Whale and Dolphin. You can choose from the huge assortment of personalized options all of them hand built to maximize your experience! Whoop it up!

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