Let`s go for a little trip, we haven`t done that for a while! If you would let us, we want to take you to New Zealand, to North Island more specifically! But we are not going there as tourists, we are going there as Gearheads! So, instead of watching the beaches and the beautiful nature New Zealand has to offer, we are going to take a look at the AWESOME Motorized Drift Trikes and some Blokarts!!! However, we have prepared a great video where you can see some young New Zealanders enjoy their rides in the motorized trikes and the blokarts!!!

You will see that they are fun, easy to ride and pretty safe! In case you have not heard of blokarts before, you are missing a lot! They are pretty popular in New Zealand, and having in mind all the fun you can have with it, no wonder they are! It is a type of a yacht that goes on wheels, fits one person, and uses a sail! It is cool because it is compact and can be used in urban areas, which is proven in this video!!! Check it out and have a nice time in New Zealand!

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