New Zealand’s Wildest Drift Session! Blokart & Motorized Drift Trike!

Here we go again with the wildest and definitely the most innovative drifting machine that we have seen in a long, long time, thanks to the genius and out of the box thinking of the guys in New Zealand, who invented these awesome, so called Blokarts and motorized Drift Trikes. Even from the very first moment when we have found out that there is something new that is happening in New Zealand, and that there is an American crew who is filming it, we have shown you that first video right away. But these guys are so cool, so wild and positively insane, and perform such an incredible drift session with their machines, so that we have to show them to you in another edition.

The last time I said to you that there is not always a need for a big drifting star like Ken Block or somebody similar, in order to get the needed thrill and suspense when it comes to driving, and especially drifting. And this second video made me even more sure about it, watching these crazy boys and girls from Northern New Zealand, with their land yachts with three wheels, called Blokarts, and the spin trikes with engines, that are running wild on the streets.

So, if you liked it the first time, I guarantee that you will enjoy this second awesome video with the New Zealand drifters, rocking and rolling in a way that even the best in the game will get envious. So check it out and enjoy it, and later on, share your thoughts about this drift session with us in the comment section below. And for more information about the amazing Blokarts, go to this link.