How Master Does It – Ken Block 4TRAX Slaying at The Donut Shop!

This sure is one original video of the ultimate drift Master, Ken Block, doing one of kind 4trax burnouts, with the uniquely customized Hoonigan Racing`s Ford Raptortrax at The Donut Shop. You do not think it is possible? Well, I guess if somebody told me the same thing before I have seen the video, I also would not believe it. But after I have seen this original Ford F-150 Partortrax, it is clear that anything is possible, especially when you have a guy like Ken Block behind the wheel.

About a year ago, drift-driving legend Ken Block and Hoonigan Racing have teamed up and started to work on brand new project – the quickest snowcat for backcountry snowboarding ever built. As Ken himself is saying, taking to an account that he is living in Park City mountains, he thought about this project for quite some time. Building a vehicle that will have Raptor base platform, powered by a real monster engine and enhanced with Special Vehicle Concepts, made a complete sense.

There is supercharged 6.2 liter V8 engine, a complete roll cage and inside, there are the awesome Recaro seats. It turned out to be a real racing beast for a snow track. But it would be totally `inappropriate` if a guy like Ken Block don`t try to do a little donuts with it, right? Take a look at this 4trax drift.

But that’s not all! Check out Ken Block drifting a truck!

Enjoy the video below!

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