Mild Custom 1956 Cadillac from New Zealand! Must See!

This 1956 Cadillac is property of Kym and Todd Wylie. Some time ago Todd worked on NZ Performance Car and was passionately in love with a Mitsubishi Lancer GSR featuring a 1.8 L engine. But, time has changed and I visited Todd to get a ride in his new love. As soon as the drive started, I understood why Todd is so in love with this car. However, the introduction of some changes in this car was far more than essential, it was obligatory.

Mild Custom 1956 Cadillac from New Zealand 3

So, the “surgery” of the 1956 Cadillac lasted approximately six months. But, that was not an easy process. First of all, 11 shops all over the country had different parts of the 1956 Cadillac vehicle that Todd should acquire. Furthermore, the size of the Cadillac was additional problem for Todd and Kym`s garage where the makeover took place. So, as I said it was not an easy process. The Cadi is about 6 meters long, that is approximately 20 feet. Having in mind that the shell was blasted in soda and the Cadi was bare naked, meaning without color, you can`t even imagine how many sleepless nights Todd and Kym spent in the garage trying to fix this bare boned Cadi.

Understandably, the engine was changed. So, the Cadi lost his companion, i.e. the Cadillac V8 engine and got a new one, i.e. 400ci Chev engine. However, for this engine to develop the current whp, a lot of additional and enhanced elements such as Holley carb, Edelbrock manifold, Kelford cam, Block Hugger headers and many more had to be added. Even though rather noisy, the Cadi is car that you can drive and have a good and safe time in it. The Koni Classic dumpers and the Wilwood pots are some of the elements that are responsible for your safety. However, I have to admit that the drive was not flawless and the vehicle obviously faced some problems. But after Todd pointed out the difference between the car back then and the car now, it is like water and fire. Further on I kept ignoring the minor disadvantages because after all, this car proved to be useful.

The interior is a bit changed. According to Todd the old interior got too dirty, so they switched it for a vinyl leather one. However, the interior includes a lot of elements that are original such as the electronic windows, the “Autronic-Eye” headlight high beam, the shifter and the steering wheel that are completely functional.

These old cars have their own allure and are becoming rarer and rarer with every year passed. However, these old classic American vehicles are most commonly seen on the streets of New Zealand.

Finally, you can see one of the best Cadillacs in history! Check it out on this link!

Mild Custom 1956 Cadillac from New Zealand 3Mild Custom 1956 Cadillac from New Zealand 3Mild Custom 1956 Cadillac from New Zealand 3

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