If you are a fan of Steve`s Point of View, you might remember him going to Tokyo to shoot the “Tokyo Midnight Lambo Run”! However, that`s when a guy with a super cool LED Trike was riding next to him as Steve automatically fell in love with it! So, now, Steve`s back in Tokyo after 6 months and he is not going to miss the chance to find this guy and his trike! What he did is expected. He went down to a Custom Trike Shop in Chiba to ask whether someone knows the guy with the trike. Luckily, they did. And not only did they know the guy, but they also knew his whole LED CREW and gave him directions to meet them!

They were very friendly and asked Steve to join them on their crazy ride! Steve is now very excited to be with his “FAVORITE TRIKE CREW” and the Wangan and Shuto Expressways better be ready for Steve and the Boys! The next 5 minutes are all about relaxation and watching Steve and the LED Trike Crew cruising on the streets of Japan! We must say we understand Steve`s excitement after seeing the flock of LED trikes!

At last, go to this link to see the V8 powered trike!