Scorpion RT Custom 3-Wheeler Looks So Mean & POWERFUL!

You have to admit that there is nothing better than cruising around the city and spotting a beastly looking custom vehicle that you immediately fall in love with. However, a real jackpot would be a motor show attendance where your job is exactly that – to search for the best looking Ratrods, `Vettes, Chargers, Mustangs, bikes or trikes. The latter was the one that attracts the attention of our friend in the video bellow, and we have to say that he shares the same taste with us. Ladies and gentlemen, have the honor to see one of the best custom made three-wheelers named Scorpion RT. Unfortunately the creators of this magnificent vehicle did not want to do an interview.

However, from the walkaround, we can see that this powerful trike has an S&S motor on and luckily we can see how it works. The detailed design and graphics gives the Scorpion RT an even more authoritative element to its appearance and the red lights capture the power that it can offer. By the way, this vehicle was spotted during the Cruisin` the Coast 2013, one of the most popular events in the state Mississippi. The 19th edition will be October 4-11, so if you are interested in more details, follow this link.