Underground Street DRIFTING In Japan! UNBELIEVABLE!

We all know that Tokyo and Japan have always been one of the strongest Drifting footholds! It even inspired the writers of Fast and Furious to film their third part called “TOKYO DRIFT”! Even though we must admit underground Street Drifting is slowly but surely dying due to economy reasons as well as legal ones – drifting is still pretty popular on Mount Haruna! You might have heard of this mountain from the awesome anime `Initial D`, but we`re here now for a different purpose!

This place is great for street drifters because of the fact that it is uninhabited so the Police does not bother them and kind of leaves the drifters do their thing! However, Mount Haruna is simply the drifters` paradise, many people still gather around here, they`re even separated in two groups! The youngsters and the older ones, or the “senpais” to sound more Japanese! You`ll get to see the dangerous side of underground street drifting as well, as one of the street drifters hits a wall and totally wracks his car! That is why you should be very careful with this extreme fun.

At last, for more drifting action, don’t hesitate to follow this link!