Tokyo Under GTR Burnouts & Drifting Attack!

I think that if the great master of horror films, John Carpenter, would have seen this video, he would have made a completely different version of the remake of his cult classic “The Mist”. So much clouds of smoke that appear to be as if a total eclipse of the sun is just happening, has not been produced by a single car drifting a long, long time ago. So, if you love watching awesome GTR burnouts and creating clouds of smoke, then this video will be a bulls-eye!

It is coming from Japan, only a couple of weeks ago, during this year`s Tokyo Auto Salon event, when the professional drift-driver Masato Kawabata decided to showcase to the crowd what drifting and burnouts is all about. And of course, he is doing it with his well known and awesome 1 000 HP D1GP spec Nissan GTR R35 (I`m sure that you remember some of the video clips that we have shown you with him, in drifting action before), starting from the entry road and continuing on that big parking lot, where he created so much smoke, it seems like people are about to start pulling out their breathing masks. That is what happens when you have an awesome GTR and a skilful drifter behind the wheel.

There is no doubt about it, Masato Kawabata is a real Japanese king of GTR burnouts and smoke, so just check out the video and see it for yourself. And if you want to find out more about him and his new GTR, go to this link.