Awesome Performance by André Silva at Rampa da Falperra!

Every now and then, we come across some guy from overseas for whom either we have not heard about at all, or we just heard or seen his name somewhere when we were talking or reading about drifting and driving, but have not really had a chance to watch him in action and find out what he is made of. Well, I think that today we have a guy from that group (at least for most of us), who is coming from Europe, or Portugal to be more exact, and who has something to say to the American audience. It is actually a short video in which we can see the Portuguese drift-driver André Silva who is celebrating his victory at this stage of Rampa da Falperra edition, from the European Championship Mountain, that is traditionally held both on Portuguese and Spanish soil.

The contestants are driving at high altitudes of over 16 000 feet, and anyone who knows at least a little bit about driving (and any other sport for that matter), knows that it is not the same as driving at a `normal altitude`.

So check out this guy`s cool way of celebration and see the way he makes his signature on the asphalt. Check out Andre’s performance at the Rampa da Falperra!