Father & Son Drifting Session – Is This The Coolest Dad EVER? Watch Their Racing Track Adventure Here!

Not many of us can say that have driven on a racing track with our fathers. However, what you are about to see in this great and highly entertaining video is a guy who took his little son drifting with his car, and gave his son one darn good driving experience that he is going to remember for the rest of his life. Talk about training a young boy from an early age to become the future best at what he does! Well, if you ask us, it does not get any better and more dedicated to the goal than this. We also think that it is safe to say that this is a good way to form and shape the next Ken Block! Although the kid is still very young, with a father like that, we wouldn`t be surprised to see another racing track adventure in a few years! It wouldn`t surprise us to see the little boy driving too!

Maybe some of you remember this guy and his little boy from a video that he had made about a year ago, which was actually his son`s first drifting experience. So, we suppose that the time to see the progress of little guy has come. Ok, a joke is a joke, but it is obvious that the father has some serious plans for his son. Otherwise why would you take a two, or three year old boy drifting with you in your modified Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2007 Coupe, with an engine that can produce 350 HP?! Nonetheless, we still think that vising a racing track is a great way to spend quality time with your kids. Check out the video and have fun. We are positive that you are really going to enjoy this one.

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