2014 Red Bull Car Park Drift – Ready For Some Drifting Experience?!

For those of you who are not following drifting events outside Unites States, I`m going to tell you that in the recent years, Red Bull Car Park Drift competition has become one of the most highly anticipated events of this type in the entire Middle East. It is consisted from qualifying rounds in which the best drift-drivers will select themselves for the National Final that was held on October 31st. The winner is given King of Drift title and will represent his team and country in the regional finals that will be held in Dubai.

Before Lebanon, Red Bull Car Park Drift was present in Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, and Jordan and the whole thing is sponsored by Ford Middle East. When it comes to Lebanon, this year there was a really tuff competition and the spectators had the chance to enjoy in the performances of some of the best drivers from this region. However, the title of King of Drift for Lebanon was clinched for Bassam Zahalan, who gave the audience one hell of a drifting show. So if any of this sounds interesting, watch the video bellow that we have prepared and give me your comments on what you think about it.

Enjoy the video below!

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