EPIC Drifting At the GREEN HELL – Nordschleife Track at Nürburgring!

Some people like it, some do not, but drifting is definitely one of professional drivers` favorite car games. Recorded with a helmet camera, this video is one of those that will leave you amazed and shocked by the skills that someone behind a steering wheel can have. To be honest, while watching this video I was packing my toes into fists, as the car moves faster and faster. So beyond the driver and his epic skills, we must praise the passenger who does not say even a word during this whole adventure. So, if we were teachers we would definitely grade this “Drifting around the Nordschleife Track in an old Toyota Cressida” with an enormous A+ and we must also say big bravo for that tassel surviving this awesome drive.

We still wonder how it wasn`t distracting the driver, but you know pro is a pro no matter what. Finally, we must express massive respect for 1:34, situation which proves again the driver`s skills. We doubt that we have ever been more impressed by someone’s driving talent.

By the way this kind of drifting requires 100% trust on the car! Or then some stupidly bravery! Absolutely awesome! Great job Fredrik! you owned Nurburgring! 

Enjoy the video below!

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