Cool Toyota Hiace Van Jamming & Drifting LIKE A BOSS!

Who says that you should drift and do a little crazy driving only with your muscle or sports car? Well, I guess no one, and that is the beauty of it – thank God there is no such a rule! These guys are having a lot of fun, drift-driving with their vans on this tiny and little road in the middle of nowhere, and the thing looks as right and cool as it gets. So, we have two Toyota Hiace van units, rolling down the sideways, having outdoor fun by showing us just how good they can do a little drifting, almost like any other muscle car. Yes, almost.

Well, it is probably not as attractive as if it was a Toyota Corolla GT (or some mean looking truck), but still, there is a special feeling doing it with unconventional vehicle, like with these Toyota Hiace vans. I would only suggest that when they decide to do it next time, it would be much better if they shot a longer video. Until then, you enjoy this short van drift-driving video, it is really cool.

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Enjoy the video below!

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