V8 AE 86 Drift Car Is Making its First Moves After ’Rehab Period‘!

There is a life and afterlife. And for this AE 86 drift car/ ASCAR combination this is definitely its afterlife, after spending about half year of rehabilitation process, in which an insane amounts of work has been done, so that the vehicle (well, it is not there yet, but it starts to resemble like one) could be once again brought to life and have its wheels rolling over again.

So as we said, this vehicle had been under a great restorement at Dynotorque in the last six months due to the heavy damage that gained in its last drift event.

It is owned by a guy named Phil, who patiently waited this whole time and know after the very first signs of life had shown, the man is simply keen to try it right away!

So far the car has a basic start map, so it still can not run correctly. But just see the expression on Phil`s face when he is stepping on the throttle and hears the sound of his old buddy coming back to life. There is not a slightest doubt that this is going to be an awesome 86 drift car and we are all keen to see how will the final product look and sound like.

Finally, check out some facts on Toyota 86!

Enjoy the video below!

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