Evo IX VS 800whp Baltic Supra: No Trust an Evo Without a Wing!

An amazing race is ahead of us! The perfect drag race with the perfect rides! What we have here is the perfect combination of fast cars, high power engines and adrenalin rushes! We have a Mitsubishi with 830 horsepower EVO IX engine under the hood that has been a winner so many times against descent opponents such as a Lambo TT and a Shelby 1000hp GT500. Now it will have to face the fearless 800 horsepower Baltic Supra! What do you think? Who is going to turn out as a winner! All you have to do is to check the footage and find out!

Watch now this awesome drag race between 830whp Evo IX and 800whp Baltic Supra! Keep in Mind that You Should Never Trust an Evo Without a Wing! 🙂

Finally, look at this Guinness World Record on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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