MITSUBISHI Plug-In Hybrid Crossover Concept XR PHEV II!

Good morning America! Greetings from the other side of the pond! It is 7 in the morning here in Geneva, and we are ready to start our day! Without any further delay, let us start presenting you the vehicles at the 2015 GENEVA MOTOR SHOW! We are going to begin with a novice. It is the Mitsubishi Plug-In Hybrid Crossover Concept XR PHEV II.

The manufacturer explains that this XR PHEV II SUV is brand new concept car, providing a future goal. Furthermore, this car manifests its following generation of two wheel drive PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) technology, and its new design in the preferable SUV shape. That is pretty much everything we can say right now, so don`t think too much and visualize the words we said before. Now, when you have the chance to see it, does this vehicle remind you of the Mitsubishi Lancer? Do you picture this car as Lancer`s successor? Check the video bellow, and feel free to leave your comments!

To watch the exclusive video of the model, go to PAGE 2 or CLICK HERE.