2015 Nissan GTR R35 Nismo’s Awesome Exhaust SOUND!

When one is looking at the hard-edged 2015 Nissan GTR R35 Nismo, it is impossible not to feel something close to what is normally described as feeling the butterflies in your belly, or to put it in the simplest terms, to fall in love with this awesome sports car. It is a real monster of a car, maybe the fastest and most aggressive variant of the GTR R35 lineup, powered by the well known Twin Turbo that gives an output to a 600 HP and that makes the car accelerate from 0 to 62 in only 2.8 seconds, and that gorgeous design, as a cherry on the top. How can you not love it?!

Today we are going to show you a video clip with the latest GTR Nismo Edition that is taking place at the annual Rotterdam City Racing, in Holland, Europe. This awesome Godzilla is dancing in that well known circle (for those of you who had seen other videos from this event, or perhaps visited yourself), along with another one Nissan GTR and few other cool looking cars.

Check out the video and feast your eyes with it, and if you want to get a full review on the 2015 Nissan GTR R35 Nismo mode, go to this link.