Race Cars Aerodynamics Explained On Nissan GTR R35 Nismo GT3!

As we all know the aerodynamics is playing a critical role in the world of racing. On these 2 stunning GTR R35 Nismo GT3 models, you will see all the aero bits that helps these cars to go around the racing track as fast as possible. This guy will explain everything:  dive planes, splitter, hood vents, diffuser,  side vents, and of course the rear wing! He will cover it all! From all of the information presented, we have learned that those racing cars can produce up to 1 tone of down-force at about 150mph.

That’s a pretty amazing fact, having in mind what kind of power is THAT! Anyway, if you want to learn something more about the aerodynamics functions that are crucial for racers, click on the video below and watch the great presentation. I bet that you love learning racing stuff like this!

If you are a beginner learner, learn the basics first!

Enjoy the video below!

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