Watch This GREAT VIDEO of GT-R Carbon Fiber R35 Godzilla!

These Japanese guys named themselves “Overtake” and that is what they literally do. So they pick up a car and overtake it to make it faster, better, more powerful and more functional than before. And yes, we admit that they know their job as this video proves that fully. This time the Overtakers` choice is a Nissan GT-R R35 Godzilla and the goal was to lose some weight of the car. That meant one thing only -- carbon fiber everything with panels on the body of the GT-R. Minus 140 kg is the result of the lightweight panels, which means that the creators have managed to break the standards by making GT-R R35 with 1600kg curb weight.

The only thing more challenging than the look of a full carbon bodied car hitting the roads, was of course the increased handling, turn in, braking and overall performance that were needed to be acquired into the Nissan, since it went on a diet. After all that work, is not surprising that a real sense of speed is returned to the GT-R having taken away all that dead weight. It is our pleasure to show you this transformation which we hope you like.

Anyway another amazing Godzilla R35 video, here!

Enjoy the video below!

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