Fantastic NISSAN GTR Overtake of 17 Cars in One Lap at Monza!

Watch this insane NISSAN GTR Overtake of 17 Cars in One Lap at the Blancpain Endurance Series Monza!

We know you all watch the race in Monza, if you don`t -- you should start! However, every racing fan has his own favorite part of racing! For the vast majority of Gearheads, it is the OVERTAKING! We usually jump of our sofas when we see a nice overtake! Sometimes, a driver overtakes more than one car -- sometimes two, or even three! Then again, sometimes it`s 17. Wait, what?! Yes, you heard it right, this British driver in Monza overtook 17 of his opponents in just 1 lap! He started the race on the 42th place and succedes to pass almost half of the competitors in only one lap. This is definitely the best first lap for any driver! See how it all went from his point of view! This GTR is insanely fast!

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Enjoy the video below!

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